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Xinxiang Hongyang Oil EngineeringCo.,Ltd,Located in grain and oil hometown of China(cover more than 2/3market in China),we are a professional oil engineering company which offer variety of service such as design,manufacture,installation,debugging,after-sales service etc.Our company owns a design team which constitutes with senior engineers and experts.We are offering the efficient and quickly service to inland and abroad customers by using us advanced technology and equipments.
Our company has grown into Chinese grain and oil machinery production and export base,our production and the comprehensive economy indicators lies in the forefront of the same industry line,The products have been sold all over the country and exported to many countries and regions such as Nigerian,Tajikistan,Kazakhstan,South Africa,Ukraine,and so on.
May,2012 Hongyang successfully developed China largest grain and oil making machine 
April,2013 Hongyang exported cottonseed oil production line to Bangladesh
November,2014 Hongyang exported 30tons peanut oil refinery equipment to Russian
August,2008 Hongyang won patent of leaf filter
September,2010 Hongyang sold soybean oil refinery equipment to Cameroon
October,2004 Hongyang and Henan University of Technology was established successfully
June,2005 Hongyang won patent of filter
July,2006 Hongyang is named as the most influential cement machinery enterprises in China by China Grain and Oil Association
March,2002 Hongyang had approved certificate of ISO9001
May,2003 Hongyang sold sunflower oil extraction equipment to Ukraine
Before 2000
April,1995 Hongyang exported the first 5tons oil refinery equipment to Africa



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Xinxiang Hongyang Oil EngineeringCo.,Ltd, will be standing at a new starting point toward a higher goal, cherish every opportunity you give, "science, rigorous and excellence; civilized and efficient, quality first" spirit of the "Red Sun" Win your trust

Xinxiang Hongyang Oil EngineeringCo.,Ltd, in an increasingly competitive oil equipment industry, we are more clearly aware of the position and role of technical support in the enterprise. Around this fundamental center of the market, we have formulated the corresponding corporate development strategy, that is: in the next three to five years, our core work lies in

continue to build and upgrade "Hongyang grease" equipment brand, implement the company's brand awareness

Rely on or in close cooperation with scientific research units, aimed at the international advanced technology, cut the market demand, based on the strength of enterprises gradually increase investment in research and development, the establishment of the core technology, the establishment of research, production and sales consortia;

The formation of a fairly professional quality control team, strict control of product manufacturing processes and social cooperation products to ensure customer quality requirements and improve the overall "price" than the provision of "personalized" service;


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Support Hotline

Support Hotline